Apr 19, 2014

the door

So I took a few days off.

Disconnected from life to chill out with my family.

Our busy days had suddenly turned from January to April.
Actually more like 2012 to 2014, without us even noticing.
Life was happening. Everyday.

I needed to slow it down, grind it all to a halt so that I could remember why we were moving so fast all the time.

We went to our happy place.
Camping at the Colorado river. We unloaded the boat and went straight to the water. I could feel the tightness in my face disappearing withing hours. The kinks in my neck releasing and a fine layer of dirt covering my skin. Layers of bug spray and sun screen making me feel real again. And slightly sticky.
It was working!!

On the second day, I headed to the bathroom with dog leash in one hand, toddler hand in another, and pushing a stroller with a gurgling baby inside. I stumbled upon this door. Smack dab between the men's and women's bathrooms.

I smiled.
Stood there in the blazing sun, let the wind sweep us with more dirt, our wet hands dripping with cool water, and I smiled.

If I would have been paying attention I would have seen this coming.
I mean, for months I have seen comments from people on facebook asking for my next post, heard less than subtle hints from friends about my blogging, and family warmly reminding me of my "gift". There was even that little *ping* of jealousy when I heard of another friend preping her blog for launch ( I'm happy for her, I REALLY AM and cant wait to see what she has in store!)
But I wished I was writing too...

Then, there was the door.
My door.

Welcoming me back.


Mary said...

If that's not a sign...I don't know what is!! N

beckieM said...

sometimes, we just have to be ready. can't wait for the rest.

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