Dec 19, 2012

Where were we....

Wow, it worked!

I opened it up, and it actually worked!!

I was beginning to accept the fact that my once-favored, well-loved connection to the big 'ole world out there would be nothing more than a cold box of metal set to collect dust under my side table.
Update: My computer cord caught fire and fried last summer. Yes, there were actually little flames. So this is no exaggeration. Then, because I have a 2004 MAC laptop, the cord was practically irreplaceable. All our photos, videos, passwords, paperless recipts would be trapped inside, apparently lost forever. Once I was able to find a cord, it didn't quite work the same and my computer decided to work, well, only somtimes and mostly, never. I decided to give up. Walk away, and wait for all my hopes and dreams to fade into oblivion, or at least until I could buy another laptop.
Until today, when I decided that one Christmas miracle (more on that later...) deserved another, and God bless me, I opened up my computer and it worked!

Back in business. Finally. So, let's catch up...where were we.....

I have been to the moon and back. So to speak....
Since June, I have traveled every month, and twice out of the country!
My job has sent me to Chatanooga, Salt Lake City, San Fransisco, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China, all within the last 6 months! While it might have left me exhausted, sick, and slightly homesick, I enjoyed every trip this season. Easy flights, great experiences...Changing of the seasons in Tennessee, Karaoke, and experiencing real and real fake southerners ; Tourists and niche neighborhoods of SF, a tour of our new store location ; Dim Sum, squatty potties, and de ja vu in Hong Kong and Taiwan....These were some of the best trips yet!

Chatanooga, Tennessee
October 2012
Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and back again
June 2012, November 2012
San Fransisco, California
September 2012

Aside from that, I know you are probably here for a little health report, a status update. Don't worry, I love to tell you that I am still CANCER FREE!!
My last scan was this month (December 2012), and doctor gave me another perfect score! No cancer and no sign of reoccurance!! I am beginning to think that he schedules me in December just so he can be sure to give someone good news for the holidays ;) It is hard to believe that it has already been 2 years since my first day of chemo. Funny, still seems like a scene from a movie most days...foggy and slightly distant. But strongly there, and if pushed, you can recall every line verbatim. Happy to be on this side of my treatment, and to be seeing the strength of modern medicine combined with sheer determination finally win!

Now that my computer is up and running, I can't wait to share more of my good luck with you ;)
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas holiday!

I can't wait to spend mine with my Family!!

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