Apr 7, 2012


The last month has been hectic.
Lately I have found myself working harder, pushing myself to the limits, staying up later, getting up earlier.

Last week I finally came up for air.

A major change in my schedule, which at first appeared grim, turned into a ray of light.
And I found that I could breathe again!!
A slight shift, and I was able to seek out repair.

After running at full speed for so long, I realized I was almost on empty.
I needed a refill.

That is when I met Diane.

{Well, kinda}
Diane and I have worked together for a few years now. Due to the floor plan at our old office, we were completely separate from eachother all week long. With opposite schedules, we were never destined to interact. Then our company moved. At our new office building, our entire company is sharing one large space in an open floor plan. I literally run into Diane a few times each day, at the watercooler, or kitchen, or garden, or at the front desk...Since our schedules and floor plan have syncronized, I have gotten to know this wonderfully amazing woman. Then I found out she had a blog.

When I first read through her blog, I couldn't stop, devouring page after page. Complete in borderline stalker mode. I was head over heals in love with her cadence, her style- her writing voice, is just so easy. It was like an early morning walk, crisp and sweet, real and refreshing. I thought I heard birds singing as my eyes and ears refocused from her wisdom. Her daily truth is so open and honest that she inspires me to speak from the heart and share love. When you have some time to be refreshed, check out her stories! http://simply-freckled.blogspot.com/

Along with Diane, there are a few other girls I work with that I can thank for giving me the free refill I needed!

Meme of UnWildLife. A lovely Texan belle turned Cali Surfer girl. She is amazingly creative with a quiet strength that you can see. I love to see her fashion experiments and video vacations. She takes risks and is an amazing everyday athlete. A designer and a city chicken "farmer", this gal is well rounded and her confidence inspires me to try new things. http://unwildlife.tumblr.com/

Nicole of SustainabilityinReview. Nicole moved almost a year ago to the Oregon coast and has begun homesteading there with her beau, Andy.  She is the most knowledgeable and passionate person I know, when it comes to sustainability. I love the zeal and ambition she has to make change happen. She inspires me to live more conciously and love every mintue of live. Oh yeah, and she has the most amazing laugh! http://sustainabilityinreview.blogspot.com/

And lastly, a shout out to Alison Rojas-Metcalfe. She completely refills me, at least once I week whether she knows it or not! But she doesn't have a blog, so you will just have to trust me on this one. She is amazing.

Who inspires you???


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rachel, this is such a great start to the day! We are so lucky to work with eachother, all the inspiring ladies here makes it a joy to come in to work each day. You are certainly a ball of sunshine that I always look forward to catching up with. Here's to changing the world!



Nicole Bassett said...

OMG - I didn't know you wrote this. Thank you Rachel! It is funny the inspiration you find in people. I think of you all the time and how you have an upbeat and positive attitude towards everything, and I mean everything.
Your blog post reminds me of the need to take care of our selves and share our love because you never know how that replicates itself in the world.
I am inspired by Alison, Diane and Meme all the time too. A great group of women living their lives in the best way they can and keeping me smiling all the time. Thank you for this post! You are beautiful.

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