Mar 31, 2012

Upward Spiral.

Up until now, I thought my hair was just the same as it was before. 
They all said it would change, that it would be different. 
I crossed my fingers, but after a year I had started to lose hope.

And then it happened.

Last Sunday, I was standing in front of the floor length mirror in our bedroom, preparing to "do" my hair. I removed the towel and slightly shook my hair loose. As my eyes met my in the reflection I noticed that today, it was different. 

What was normally my frizzy, crazy, static-cling looking hair.....was totally CURLY! 

I'm talking ringlets, curly-cues, and spiral curls, all over my head! I finally had that white-girl-fro that I always wanted!! Well, kinda...I do have to give it a little help in some areas.

Every day since then it has been funny to see what my hair will be like...curly hair definately has a mind of it's own. Over the was week, my hair has ranged in style from Whitney, to Sid, to Al....(a few days it was so Einsein like that I had to wear it straight!)

Whitney, Sid, Al- my hair siblings

As my hair has been growing, I realized that for a girl with no hair, I seem to have a lot of equipment!  
These are just the electronics ;) Lucky for me, I have had the right size for each length so far. 
Right now I am on level 3.

my appliances

Last weekend Vida and I went with Mimi&Gpa Miller to visit the Butterflies at the Wild Animal Park. We go each year to this specific exhibit to remember and celebrate Great Grandma Vida. It was crazy busy this year, but we got a quick shot on our way out! You can kinda see how curly my hair is (wish I would have put on some lipstick ;p  but I guess this as after I melted off all my makeup in the exhibit....yes, hot flashes the entire time because it was so humid!)

Me and 'Rue
Wild Animal Park March 2012

It has been fun playing with it as it grows out. While I don't see myself having extemely long hair has I did before, I will definately let it keep growing for a long time. I love the variety!!


Jenna Tunes said...

Whitney to weird al...yup, that's my sister ;) You always did do a great cover song. How fun to see your hair coming into it's own...she just needed a little time. I love it.

Debbie Chialtas said...

Your hair looks adorable! Love your short and sassy curls.

Life just keeps us guessing, huh? Have a great weekend!

Faye said...

So cute! Life is full of surprises and you have a way of finding the joy in each and every one of them.

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