Feb 26, 2012

The Update.....

Life is funny.

You can tell yourself all day long you are not worried.
You might even believe yourself sometimes.
But your body will always reflect your true emotions.

ps...not me, yet.

My family and I have been working on weight loss goals together the last few months, and we have found that weight loss and gain can be a direct reflection of your mental state each week. These last few weeks have proven that my calm, cool exterior was a hot mess inside...I didn't even realize!!
I thought I was doing good. I was super busy baking for friends, cooking freezer meals for my family and a new family ;) working at work, working at home, you know, the everyday stuff.
I guess my mind instead told my body to gear up, and I gained 2 lbs.
(Might not seems like much, but when you work to lose 1-2lbs a week, that is quite a backslide...)

But alas, it was all water weight (YAY) and on Monday I spent a lot of time paving the way to the loo....

So, I know you are anxious to hear my health update so I won't delay any (much) longer....

I can tell you that ONE of my doctors was right.
ps..i wish george was my dr

The good doctor.

the doctor who gets paid the BIG bucks 
& has a way more important job
(not that skin care isn't important kids, but it's no curing cancer! lol)

My Chemo doc was right. It wasn't cancer.

Isn't that great news!??!
I couldn't be happier.
Now, don't make me smile too big!!! I have a 1" slit I am trying to keep in tact ;)

There is a silver lining too, the dermo doc wasn't all that wrong to be concerned about the lump, as it did turn out to be a tumor. A benign tumor. A rare benign tumor of my hair follicle. Really???
Another rare tumor? Nothing I could have done to prevent it, so I am told. It would have just kept growing and eventually I would need to have it removed.

Ok, I agree, it's weird.
Really weird.

But I'll take weird over cancer any day.....
Weird is just my style ;)

Me & 'Rue
 La Jolla Cove, Feb. 2012


Jenna Tunes said...

Fitting, I'd say. You always were good at keeping things interesting, Ra! Thank you for the update!

beckieM said...

we like surprises... right? good surprises. so. very. thankful.

Anonymous said...

Yippee! WIERD over cancer for sure. I can't imagine the amount of bravery it takes to even make it those appts. To must up enough courage to hear the results. Thank God this was one of those appts where you do a happy dance when you leave. So happy for you girl!

Rock on,

Nicole Bassett said...

WOW - that is an incredible update. I had no idea that you found this out. It must bring up some questions about everything you went through around the prevention treatments.
This is another reminder for me that life is SO not what you think it is, and if you think something is figured out - it changes... Oh to be ok with change.
Congrats rachel, so happy that you were told good news.

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