Jan 8, 2012


One of the new mom goals that I set for myself last April was to try to feed my family, better, faster and easier by making good quality food in large quanities, container cooking as they sometimes call it. Now, I am in no way close to reaching expert status on this topic, for that you have go here. I follow OAMM on Pinterest and often visit their blog for great ideas. They make it so easy to find your type of food needs, download menus, recipes, and shopping lists. I have not yet prepped an entire months worth of food in 2 days, but I have made many of their recipes for my little family. By doubling recipes during weeknight dinners, I have found myself with freezers full of heat and serve, healthy dishes, in only a handfull of weeks. From soups to chilis, lasagna to enchilas, sauteed squash and mashed potatoes- it is all ready to eat thanks to a little pre-prep!!

Recently I pinned this from Amy over at newnostalgia. (that is her photo below)
She is also also a survivor and a follower of the big guy upstairs, and overall seems like a really cool girl!
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Oatmeal Freezer Pucks

I absolutely love oatmeal. It is probably the only thing I could eat everyday and not get tired of. I love it everywhichway it comes...
flavored and plain
sweet or fruity
lumpy or smooth

And I have tried them all-
fancy, generic, starbucks, jamba, packaged, steel cut
The latter being my favorite.

Two days after finding this idea, I came home from work and my mom informed me that she made them and there were some in the freezer for Little Miss V.
How dare she beat me to my new recipe!!
I mean, thank you mom. ;)

I wanted to share this with you, as I was really impressed with how easy this was to make, prep and customize! Of course, I couldn't just make the recipe as it was, I had to make it more "me". I prefer to have some flavor in my oats, so I wanted to add in that flavor prior to freezing so that the end result would be even more grab and go.

Well, I was making brown rice for dinner last night, so I used my time wisely and threw 2 cups of steel cut oats on the back burner to boil. I was going to be standing there anyways right?!? (This is one of my cooking 'secrets' use your time to double up on dishes. My only advise is to always watch the grilled cheese....and they are often served burnt at my house. I'm working on that...) While waiting for both to boil, I prepped my muffin tin by greasing each divot and adding a few different fillings. I made 3 flavors to keep it interesting: fresh strawberry with brown sugar, homemade peach preserves, and walnut brown sugar with a hint of maple syrup. Once the porridge was ready, I let it cool slightly and added 1/2 cup to each muffin hole. I put the entire tray into the freezer to harden. After about 45 mins, each 'muffin' was hard enough to remove and wrap up individually.
Of course I had to make sure they turned out!!

Here is a photo of Walnut Brown Sugar and Fresh Strawberry before cooking.

(I only ate the WBS, I promise!)

Microwave on high for 3 mins, add a splash of milk, enjoy!!
(or as most of my mornings go: microwave, milk, get in car, start commute, enjoy!)
Perfect for on the road breakfast or a cold morning at home.

I am always looking for ways to add extra convinience but not compromising quality. These are way more healthy than a pre-made oatmeal from the store or a fast food stop. This way you can measure the ingredients to know what you are eating and how much. I hope you will find the time to try these. If you do, let me know!

How do you customize your everyday breakfast?


Jenna Tunes said...

How do I customize my breakfasts? I don't...but now that I have 3 to feed in the morning (me, Leo and now Tes who likes to eat the same as us), I will be needing to do something like this. Thanks for making it look easy!

beckieM said...

loooooove the add-ins --- makes the mornings a BREEZE!

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