Dec 20, 2011

New Traditions

Last Christmas was a blur.
It was Vida's first Christmas, my first chemo treatment, first month living with my in-laws. So many things were happening at once, I'm glad I have photos to remember it all because my memory does not do it justice.

Rachel and Vida LaRue, Dec. 2010

This Christmas will be memorable.
I won't need pictures to recall every day of this December (although you can guarantee I'll have them!) Our first Christmas as the Lincoln family, in our own house, making our own traditions! We can't wait!!
(Vida couldn't wait to get into the presents already this year, thank you Auntie J!)

Vida LaRue, Dec. 2011

New tradition #1
Our tree is lit with both white and colored lights. 
Let me tell you why this is such a big deal. Prior to this year, I liked to pretend that colored lights did not exist. My husband never really did understand my allergic reaction to them. Growing up, his house was filled with colored lights happily strung, inside and out, and crazy lawn decorations galore. His house was always so cheerful to me for this reason. My house growing up was much more subdued, with everything twinkling in white. Like a winter wonderland, it was both calming and warm to me. Both are so different, but hold so much for both of us. We want our home to reflect both. Calming and colorful, warm and wonderful. The best of the holidays to us.

Old Tradition #2
We make gingerbread houses, together.
This one comes from the Miller family. What I remember about this and this tradition is the "getting together" part. We never actually ate the houses, which I hear some people do. It was just about getting together, having fun, and being creative. We always used graham crackers instead of gingerbread because it was more about decorating than eating them. My sister Jenna is carrying along this tradition with her family and friends on the east coast this year. Check out their handy work, my nephew Leo is the cutie on the far left in the photo below. We got together with Mimi and Granpa to make our house. I think Vida ate more candy than she put on the house though! Mom and I put it together, Trev did the snow, and I did most of the candy placement. Vida did the people and the tree in the yard. We had a good time and the pre-made kit is a MUST. Here is the finished product from our parties.

Leo Tunes and Pennsylvania friends, Dec. 2011

Lincoln family gingerbread house, 2011

Old Tradition #3
We bake with friends.
And by we, I mean me, and someday Vida will join too.
I always get together with friends in December to make tamales and cookies by the pound. Or dozen. Or ton. All really apply. This year we made over 600 tamales and over 2000 cookies. Check out more cookie photos from Faye and Yvonne over at Live Bake Love.

New Tradition #4
Our stockings are hung, on the mantle. 
And by mantle, I mean shelf on the wall above the fireplace. Well, we don't actually have a fireplace, they are hanging on the wall above the couch. A girl can dream, right? Since no fireplace, the wall is the best location. Hmmm, I just realized that I guess we might have a little explaining to do on the Santa part with Miss V, since we do not have a fireplace, there is no chimney either.  Well, we could say that santa is magic ; a cat burgurler ; or, that mommy and daddy let a strange man in costume inside the house late at night. Interesting options.  Any suggestions? Not sure I'm sold on my options so far on this one. This year Vida's stocking was hand-made for her by our wonderful neighbor Cynthia. She does amazing work, and has some beautiful stuff over at her Etsy store.

Old Tradition #5
Christmas Eve Appetizer Party
Of course there has to be more than one tradition based around food. This is my families list, Hello?!?! The Miller family started this years ago. I love all small bites, tasting menus, app'ys, dim-sum, bring it bite sized and I am in! My Pinterest food board has a whole section of little tastes! We will be heading up to Murrietta, to my parents house for the happy hour celebration this year! Can't wait to show you the pictures of our happy hour dishes....maybe I'll make this version of devil's on horseback?!

What are your traditions???


beckieM said...

love that you're building your own traditions, while keeping so many of the old ones too! These are the times Vida will remember when she grows up! You make life fun! MiMi

Jenna Tunes said...

It looks like Vida may have to squeeze into those Christmas pj's, she's so tall! Your Gingerbread kit house looks kinda fantastic, compared to ours...but it's the love that goes into them, right? I love our traditions, and I have to mention that, altough I fought it, we ended up with blue lights on our tree this default though - no stores had white by the time we went to buy them.

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