Dec 8, 2011

My Style.

One of my favorite addictions these days is Pinterest. If you are a fan, you know, you can get stuck for hours. Not that I have hours to spare, really, but I suppose I swap out sleep for pinning. I might be sick in the head. If only the people at Pinterest knew how precious sleep really is these days, then they might realize that my dedication to clicking through their photo maze might actually be borderline obsession. But...I.....just..can''s way too much fun.

If you are already on, follow me!
If you aren't, click here at your own risk.

There is always something new to look at....someone's great idea finally found, something crafty, creative, witty, funny, cute, serious, a little bit of everything. I feel like I add a new board each week just because there is just so much out there! Right now, I think my favorite board is my "My Style" board.
Here is a snap shot of a few of my favorite pins from it.

It is actually one of the boards that is automatically set up for you when you open your account. I don't really like to be told what to do, so naturally, I deleted all of the 'default' boards they freely gave to me in a silent defiant act. Except for this one- but for no specific reason. The first few weeks of scrolling through pages and following friends, I actually thought style boards in general were for the more stylish people out there. Fashionable people who knew who they were and what they liked to wear. And in my eyes, that did not include me. But I kept the board and thought to myself that I would probably only pin a few accessories or home accents or details. Then, as I searched through other categories and found new friends, I slowly, unknowingly, built a style file for myself. I didn't think I had a clear asthetic for my personal style, I found that I actually did! It is right now, a dream board, a vision.

Since my treatment and having baby, so much has changed. (Understatement, I know) I had to focus so much on being a mom, a wife, and being a survivor, that my daily attire became more about function and accessibility. (mostly meaning it was clean, it still fit and my butt didn't hang out anywhere) Being fashionable or stylish was not my priority. Don't get me wrong, I still wore matching clothes, just comfortable ones.

I will be celebrating my 35th birthday next month.
Wow.   35 huh?
I know that I don't want to continue in the next few years dressed everyday focused on function and accessibility. I want to look stylish. Don't get me wrong, I still have to chase a toddler everyday. I still have to dress for southern California weather and lifestyle, and I still have to be comfortable. But I want to be the best Me I can. And there is no time like now.

So, a girlfriend and I are planning a make-over for my B-day.
(i.e. Clueless, with all the 90's references involved)

Hair style, hair color, wardrobe analysis, shopping trip, the works!!
I would love it if you would add to my Pinterest style board to help me define my style. If you see a photo of a hair cut or color, a dress, jeans, shoes, earrings, a bag, a necklace, or anything you feel is "So Rachel" , pin it and tag me in the comment!!
(I can't wait to see what you add!)

We are planning our workshop over the new year's weekend, so, get to pinning already! In fact, I know you are already on there, so see what you can find!!
Happy Pinning ;)

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beckieM said...

I love that,as always, you're looking to make life better! This is going to be great fun little butterfly! MiMi

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