Nov 20, 2011

Spare Change?

“The only thing constant in my life is change”

This has always been my life motto.
These days it only seems perfect. Perfectly perfect.

It always comes right about the time that every thing is starting to feel normal, consistent, repetitive, comfortable. Then, change comes and knocks on your door.

HA! I can’t remember a time when change actually knocked.

At our house, change usually just walks right in and makes themself at home. 

Change, like a long lost brother, opens up the fridge, pours a glass of milk, makes a ham sandwich and steals the remote.

Like it is any other Sunday. 
Hello, miss me?! I’m baaaack!!

Funny thing is, I kinda like it. Change that is. 
My personality thrives on the repetitive aspect of our daily life. The ‘sameness’ of everyday. I like it when things are as to be expected. I don’t like surprises. I like to plan things out, prepare for it all, have it all ready.

When change comes along and switches it up, it reminds me to be a little more flexible. It reminds me that in every aspect I am not the leader here. I can only make choices around the circumstances I am given.

I am thankful to have choices again.

I'm off to fight the good fight of the world, or at least the 5 north ;) 
Angel RaRa

Halloween, 2011
L-R: Gwen, Rachel, Meme


Jenna Tunes said...

Liking change is definitely a learned thing for me. But recently, I found myself teaching Leo the phrase, "go with the flow"...something that we could all embrace when change rears her head.
Glad you are embracing your change.

Soapylove said...

Embracing change is certainly the way to embrace motherhood, too! Just when you've got your kid figured out, they change. Change is good - it keeps us on our toes!

beckieM said...

the interesting thing is that, from my perspective, you handle change extremely well and usually have a good attitude about it. You've taught me a lot. I treasure our time together.

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