May 28, 2011

New Version of Normal

As with all roller coasters, actual or fictional, they come to an end. After all the crazy highs and scary lows, they balance out and bring you right back to where you started. Everything returns back to the beginning- but you have been changed from the ride. The point of the roller coaster is to shake you up, your world will always be altered from the experience.

What a difference 12 weeks makes...the left shot was taken end of February, only 2 days after my last chemo treatment; the right shot was taken over the last weekend. I am surprised how much hair has grown already! I even had to get a little hair cut! But only a little.... ;) My eyebrows and lashes have come back completely already.

Life in the balance is starting out quite nicely! Having a few months after treatment to spend with my daughter has been wonderful. I love waking up with her everyday and letting the day take us away to magical jungles with puppet shows, to beautiful skies where we fly with airplanes, and to fabulous tea parties with 'chocolates', and all before our first nap! Planning our families weekly menu, shopping and keeping house have become my "job" these days and will continue to be until I begin working again in my apparel job F/T in June. I have really enjoyed my time here at home. Surprising to even me- I never thought I would like being a SAHM, but the joy you get from a little is just amazing to me. NOTHING can replace it. But, momma needs a real paycheck- so back to work I go. Less than a week left of this lovely lifestyle...

I have been so blessed to have this first year with Miss Vida LaRue.
She is truly a gift from God.

We were able to both have our first zoo experience together in April! I have been to other zoo's before, but not the San Diego Zoo. You would think that at some point in the 14 years that I have lived in San Diego, I would have been to the zoo (or the Wild Animal Park, or LegoLand, or SeaWorld, but No, notta one!! ) A good friend, Teresa, was planning a trip with her mommies group and invited The Little and I to join them. It was fun because we got a special tour with 2 "zoologist" Ladies that gave us insight into the hummingbirds, the plants at the zoo, and a free round trip on the sky-fari. Teresa, Joshua, The Little and I also walked around to see the giraffes, tigers, lions, gorillas, pandas, polar bears, and elephants. All the major animals- we don't mess around!
Since my mom came down for a few days to help get my house in order, I can focus on prepping everything for Vida's first Birthday party. It has been a blast designing the invite, getting the decor and menu together, and fine tuning the details. I can't wait to get everything in the mail next week!

While life might not always go the way you planned, you can always be sure that God will bring you back to a starting place again.

Enjoy the ride, I know I will ;)


beckieM said...

so glad that we've been on the roller coaster with you -- tho I have to admit on the down-hill sides I may have done a bit of screaming!!
You are a beautiful person Ra - your light shines into every dark circumstance.
Love you forever.
mom & dad

Tami Kaufman said...


My husband gave me your message that you left on linked in. Emailed you and just wanted you to be on the lookout in case it went into your junk mail.
Doing well, finally!

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