Jan 14, 2011

Does this blog make me look bald???

It has been two weeks now since I shaved my head.

Funny, but it feels like A LOT longer. 

Not that I dislike it, it is actually quite nice to not have to wash, blow-dry, curl or style my hair. Nice to not have to worry about it if a strong wind is coming, or if its raining outside. I don't have to worry about it getting in my eyes when I am working on something, don't have to worry about it getting ripped out by your daughter who just learned to grab onto things, don't have to worry about it going all "curly" when you just spent an hour straightening it..... I must say, I think I prefer no hair. 
Oh yeah, and I have about and extra 1/2 hour every day now, since all I have to do is throw on a beanie, a scarf, or my wig! So much easier... My husband will have to do some really good convincing work on me when it starts to grow back, as I am not sure it will ever be long again!

It is funny, but while I was 100% ok with it falling out, once it did, it was kinda unnerving. Running your fingers through your hair and having it stay in your hands, is gross yes, but really, just describing it to you is nothing compared to when it actually happens. 

I was in my bathroom.  I knew my hair was falling out, so I had worn a beanie the night before and left it on the next day. I just took it off to "see" what was going on, and it looked like "cousin it" had taken up shop in my sink! It was totally and utterly disgusting to me. I walked into the bedroom and told my husband he had to shave it off, right then. Even though I knew I wanted to and had to, it was still really hard to come to grips with the fact that I was going to buzz my head. So I posted on FB that I was shaving it. Then I closed my computer and I got scared. 

I wanted to do it, but there was so much finality in doing so. It wasn't just falling out, I WAS GETTING RID OF IT. It was becoming MY decision, not just a fact of treatment. Then I logged back on. I had gotten so much support from everyone that I was reinvigorated.

I looked over at Trevor and said "ok, NOW, let's do this!" My MIL kept saying that it was no big deal, and what was I worried about, but she wasn't lining up to get her head shaved now was she!? (side bar- she said she would do it if I was really troubled about it, but since my attitude is what it is, she kept her cute doo and I am ok with it ;) But then, my hubby hesitated. He understood the finality of this as well, and asked if we could wait one more day. ONE MORE DAY! I wasn't sure I would have the guts, the cahones, the nerve if we waited. 

But I understood. So we waited.

The next day though, I made sure this would be a reality purely because I was completely grossed out by all the hair everywhere. I mean it was showing up wrapped around my daughters fingers and toes! ewwwwwwww...... So we made a make-shift salon in the kitchen on the wood floor, and Trevor used a #2 guard to shave it off. Once it was done, I thought it was pretty cute, but since it was so patchy, I asked him to go shorter. I am not sure I will ever go back to hair again. I really like it!
Pictures below show the stages of my hair cut.

The First Buzz

Nice profile

Almost gone

I didn't know that my FIL was about to take a picture and then I opened my eyes!! Funny face!
My lovely husband Trev cut it off for me ;)

We were laughing so hard at the whole thing

The first length was still looking too mangey, so we buzzed it even shorter

And done!


Jenna Tunes said...

That up close profile pic is my fave....you'd be perfectly cute to keep it short the rest of your life but I also know that if it grows back thicker than before you wont be able to resist testing all the many different options! Love that it can be fun too;)

ray*ray said...

I know I tell you this all the time, but your such an inspiration to me !!! Your positive attitude, and your smile are electrifying... and I loved your long hair, but your new do looks amazing !

Jori said...

I think you look Smokin HOT. You are absolutely Gorgeous as you where when we were teenagers. Actually better! It's exotic looking & I'm sure it's invigorating. You have just become another one of my Heroes. My husband is one too. He went through all of this too. Just for going through it you deserve a medal of Honor. Girl, you can do this. You have come too Far to give up now. I have so many songs for you. Maybe I will put together a CD for you for the Pedicure Palace. Thanks for showing us all how to fight. You put us in check to live life! Keep up the good work Mami. This too shall pass. . . Always keeping you in my prayers. Love, Jori

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