Dec 18, 2010

Short and Sweet

If you had read my sister's blog last week, then you knew that today was the day. Since I am 99.9% sure that my hair will fall out due to the type of chemo I am getting, I wanted to cut off my hair prior to it all coming out so that I could donate it to locks of love. I had heard of this organization and since my hair was so long, I wanted to be sure that some little girl would get this gift. Seemed much better than just throwing it away.
Anyone can donate, just go here for the info-

I think that once my hair starts to fall out, I will feel a little awkward, but this was invigorating for me. Here is a pic of me holding my ponytail just after my sister chopped it off!

I then closed my eyes, and told Jenna to just "make it cute", since I had no idea what was left, or how much was left over. I knew she would do a great job!! And I love it!! While I might only have this hair-doo for about a week, it was well worth it! Now at least I know what my hair looks like short and I will be able to have fun with different cuts when it grows out again!

Thanks Sister! Wouldn't have done it without you ;)


Jori said...

you look Fabulous! I heart it. I may just cut my hair in Honor of your journey & strength. I will send you a pic when I do. You are amazing and I know you can do it! Keep it up! You got this Ra! You look amazing! Praying for you.

PraiseYouMore said...

First..your hair=amazing. Second...YOU=AMAZING!!! Such a blessing to be on this journey with you. Praise God!

beckieM said...

my beautiful girls ... now you look even MORE alike :)
You look awesome Ra --- Thanks Jenna 'scissorhands' -- as always, a beautiful job. love you 4ever

Soapylove said...

Cute cute, Rachel! Love the flippy layers!

If you do wind up having a very short cut, you'll be on leading edge of fashion! Have you seen Emma Watson lately?

She and Natalie Portman have rocked some seriously short do's.

I can never go back to long now that I've had really short hair for several years. Big or dangly earrings are really great with pixie hair! :)

susan said...

It looks great! and looks like you've lost all the baby weight too :)

Good luck as you start the next phase!


BrittanyP said...

I totally agree with you mom!! You two look sooo much more alike! Beautiful job Jenna and beautiful smile Ra!! XO to you both!

Rachel K. Miller said...

Thank you all for the support!
Jori- I would be honored ;) love you bunches!!
Debbie- love this, i really can't wait to try all the pixie cuts when it grows back in...have you tried the instyle celebrity hair doos? let's you scan your photo and put their hair on ;) it was a great help to figure out what I would look like!!

Thanks to all for the love and prayers!

Cameron said...

yay! i'm sure you'll be a lovely bald lady!
and goooo you for donating to locks of love! my hair grows really fast, so i chop it every three years or so, donate to locks of love, let it get ass length again and repeat. great cause.
hope you have a great holiday. only good things will come as a result of this unceasingly positive attitude.
miss you girrrrl.

{The Christian's} said...

Rachel, you are such an inspiring amazing woman! Your hair looks great!! I am keeping you in my prayers. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Jessica said...

The short hair really suits you!!!! Best Wishes!

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