Nov 5, 2010

Life Insurance

Ironically, I always thought life insurance was a waste of time and money. With every job move I have made, this enevitably showed up as one of the "perks" of full-time corporate employment. I would always have to decide who in my family would get the money. You know, the tons of money that they would get if and when I passed away. I never gave too much thought to it, since it was always so hypothetical. Time after time, I will fill out the paperwork and split the money between my Dad and Trevor (before we were married).

Funny how life works out, the thing I never really cared about is probably not an option for me anymore, since I won't qualify for anything more than what I already have....
But I do have options!!

Driving home the other day, I started thinking about how people start bucket lists.
(Yet another thing that I always thought was a waste of time, since I truly believe that you should live each day to the fullest and never hold back. Don't wait for a special time to do something, you must live your dreams!)
So while I never thought I would start a list of "things to do before..." I did start to think, what would be on my life list?

I quickly determined that this is MY own life insurance.
Insurance that I will live life everyday to the fullest. Insurance that I will enjoy every minute I am given. Insurance that the life I have will not be wasted waiting for the right time, but in finding the time right now!

My LIFE Insurance Policy:
Dance in the rain
Take walks in the evening with my hubby and little
Enjoy dinners out
See more movies accompanied by big bowls of popcorn
Lay on the hot sand and sunbathe all day
Watch more sunsets
Laugh hysterically with my daughter
Enjoy dinners in
See how long I can hold my breath underwater in a pool
Teach my little girl everything I know
Let the ocean wash over my feet and pull the sand out from underneath
Kiss my husband til my lips are chapped

These are all things I can do to enjoy the everyday things life allows us....can't wait to start checking off my list starting today!!


Jenna Tunes said...

That "holding your breath under water" one may be the toughest...maybe you could start in the tub?
But in all seriousness, love the bucket list.

Beckie said...

I think the 'baton' of life has effectively been passed to our children at this point.... now we're starting to learn new things from you guys. We absolutely love that you're chronicaling this experience and the the thought processes that come with it. We know we've told you before -- but you're one amazing young lady!!

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