Sep 10, 2010


I have received some great emails and phone calls over the last few weeks. Friends and family members voicing their support for me and my little family. Some of the coorespondance has been very honest, and I realized very quickly that while my situation is life threatening, anything in our lives can easily become life altering. I also realized that we are usually afraid to admit it.
Why are we so afraid to admit life is hard?

In my career, the last few years have been tough, but I came to the conclusion that it was more about my attitude towards each "problem" than the problem itself. I found that when I was "overworked" or "overwhelmed", it was really that I was feeling incapable or incompetent about the task at hand. Once I was honest enough to admit this, my outlook changed. I promptly made a pact with myself that I would correct my mind-set and move forward seeing each problem from the outside in, not making it personal, and thinking about how someone else might handle the same issue. The result, a peaceful employee that gets accolades for her attitude and approach. Admitting my feelings of insecurity allowed me to move past them and have strength and peace about the situations.

My sister and I were discussing this issue, and she had a vary profound point of view on it.
She wrote me the following:
I think it is a weak tool of the enemy to tell us we are petty or foolish for having feelings of being overwhelmed by our situation. Because for most of us, the things that overwhelm us are firsts in our life....and it is normal to feel out of control during those times. And if they aren't firsts, they are just one more thing on the plate. I remember feeling overwhelmed with Leo so many times, and I felt those exact feelings about my assumed inadequacy. Our dad was going through all his stuff at a real intense time (in my life), and I actually felt guilty about being overwhelmed by it all. But you know what? Everyone's struggle is their own. Whether it is a baby with colic, a bed wetter, weight issues, relationships at work, or cancer, or even supporting a loved one with a disease. Allowing ourselves to feel free enough to share those deep feelings of shame with someone, frees us up to really deal with the situation without guilt.
This weekend at Rancho (her church), we’ll introduce a new 8-week series called “Enjoy”. Described as "In a world of uncertainty, anxieties, loss, and fears, God calls us to enjoy the life He’s given us."

I was so impressed with her perspective and wholeheartedly agree. It is the reason I joined a book club and a mommies group, and (hopefully soon) a home church. I encourage all of you to open up and show your inner strength to a friend or family member. It will change your life, I promise.


Jenna Tunes said...

I think today is a day that I need to take my own advice. Every day is a new day. I'm so glad to have you as a sister to talk to about all the important stuff....and laugh uncontrollably with.

Beckie said...

simply said - "Dad & I have the most amazing young women that we have the privelege of calling our kids" You life your lives with grace and beauty --- the inner light of Jesus shining thru all the way. love you & dad

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