Sep 4, 2010

5-7% ROI

But what if this meager improvement was looked at in a different light...

What if I told you that 5-7% could mean an extra 6 days with your new baby, an extra 6 weeks vacation, an extra 6 months severance pay, or an extra 6 years of LIFE???

This menial percentile is not looking so penniless now is it?

These were the odds quoted to me if I do chemotherapy. I have ben told that proceeding with the therapy will enable my body to have a 5-7% better chance against tumor re-occurance. I have also been informed that the type of cancer I have is known for high re-occurance rate- in fact, the doctors are still surprised that they only found the one tumor. (and surprised is an understatement)
So, while 5-7% sounds small in our ever-hungry world that is searching for more, the best and the most- I plan to take it, gratefully. I am thankful that there is something that can offer me and my family this slice of hope. While it is only a spark in some peoples point of view, I also know that it only takes a spark to light a fire.

I pray that I will be a raging fire for God in this process, since he has given me this opportunity to do. I will not walk away, but instead plan to fan the flames!

To learn more about my journey-check out my sister's blog:

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Jenna Tunes said...

So true Ra. Time is so valuable. Love you so much, and loving your take on all of this. You have always had a fire in you and I can see that Cancer isn't going to change that. You are ah-may-zing!

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