May 1, 2010

Walk On!

Many of you know that my loving father was diagnosed with Parkinson's a few years ago. Let's just say it has been wild ride since then! While there is currently no cure, there are coping mechanisms one can lean on to help them through the day. (Although 30+ pills day can sometimes feel like a life sentence rather than a helping hand.) It is still daily struggle for him keep his spirits maintain and move forward, but he pushes on...
In November 2009, my dad was lucky enough to be selected by Stanford SF to have elective brain surgery, also known as DBS (deep brain stimulation). The approval process took over 2 years to confirm, there were 
many trips to Stanford for various physical, psycological, and emotional testings to be sure that he was qualified to receive the surgery. Basically, the doctors want to be sure there will be a good quality of life that can be had after the surgery. Because of my dad's age (he just turned 59) they were exstatic to see what could come of this procedure.
After the surgery, he experienced a 3 week honeymoon from the disease, where his body literally "forgot" he had it! Life was back to "normal"....for a few weeks. Then, the disease found it's way back, and began to reek it's havok on dad's body again. While the surgery was a huge blessing, and has in fact given my dad the ability to cut back on his meds by over 1/2 each day, given him the hope to keep living and moving forward in life, and allowed him to remember who he was and who he wants to be now, it was not the cure all that some think it will be. 
We continue to pray for him daily that he will stay positive, healthy, and life a long prosperou
s life.

In celebration of all of this and the life he has ahead, being a great dad and a fabulous grandpa, my sister and I signed up for this years 5k for Parkinson's! 

We were so blessed to be joined by my brother-in-law, Sam, my nephew Leo, and our cousins Hillary and Luke Honnette. Luke's girlfriend Ashton even came along for the workout!

We had a blast, it was a great event to support PD research.
With over 1500 participants meeting up in Liberty Station San Diego, we ran and walked to raise almost $200,000 towards a cure!

Please check out the website if you are interested in donating or participating next year! 
You can be sure you will see us there again ;)

If you are interested to learn more about my dad and living with PD, you can check out his blog:

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