Mar 25, 2010

My weight loss secret....

Many of you have asked me how I actually lost all my weight. While I have talked briefly about it in other posts, I have never really filled you all in on the big plan I followed. After maintaining a healthy weight on this program, I feel confident that it can be used to lose weight and stay slim. I was a skeptical candidate to try this, since I totally understand the frustrations with maintaining a healthy weight year round. I have been up and down the scale my whole life, starting in weight watcher's back in high school. This plan is pretty easy, tastes good, and I feel great! My sister introduced me to this system a last year, after her doctor introduced it to her. Both she and I have always struggled with weight loss, and she was at a plateau that she couldn’t get past, this program helped her break through! I am happy to say that in 6 weeks she lost 25lbs and after just under 4 weeks I lost 20lbs!! (Hit my goal weight after 9 weeks loosing 30lbs total, maxing out at 40lbs total by the time i went back to everyday eating!)
As always, please check with your doctor before beginning any weight loss program to be sure it is right for you and your body!

My sister is doing the real medical version, which you can order from this site:

And I did the “over the counter” version which has been reviewed by my sister to be almost exactly the same product with the same result. I am using Spiru-tein brand shakes and protein bars called “Pure Protein”. (go with the smaller 200 calorie bars from Albertsons)

The idea is to keep your carbohydrate intake between 80-85 grams each day, drink 5 shakes each day, or 4 shakes and 1 bar, so that you are “eating” every 3 hours starting from first thing when you wake up. You should be taking in approx 200 calories every 3 hours. You will need to drink a shake every 3 hours, or earlier if you get hungry. (If you look for a different bar, just be sure the protein grams is equal to or more than the total carbs.) Then, each day at one of the 3 hour intervals, you need to incorporate the “LEAN AND GREEN” meal. Log onto the medifast site and print out the list of how and what to eat. I followed the medi-fast list diligently. If you are really hungry you can eat this meal and drink a shake too! Keep your eye on watching the sauces or marinades amounts, as every calorie will add up. There are some longer days where I am getting in 6 shakes, which is ok too, as you need to keep your metabolism working for you! You will find that the magic bullet will give you a milk shake type drink if you add ice, and it is a nice treat. I bought a few "shake" cups from the vitamin store, the ones with the metal whisk-type ball work best!
Week 3 and PMS weeks are more difficult and I have found that splitting up my lean and green on those weeks has helped me stay focused. Also, watch your soy intake on this week as soy will mimic estrogen and could make your “cramps” a little more intense. Make your shake with water only during this time if you are sensitive. So, I would have a salad for lunch with all the veggies I need, and then a grilled chicken breast for dinner.
You will need to watch your additional sugar intake, as this is the key to losing weight. So, you can have coffee, but only 1-2 synthetic sweeteners each day, no real sugar and watch the cream as well.

You can chew sugarless gum if you need “something” to chomp on, and it might be helpful to those around you as there is a nice side effect called “ketosis” which is when your body starts to use the stored fat in your body as fuel rather than the food you are eating, but you will get a slight metalic/acidic taste in your mouth and your breath will be a little intense. ;)

Also, if you work out regularly, you should cut your workout in half on the first week and slowly build back up. Only do this since your caloric intake will be less than usual and energy level might be a little hard to maintain if you are working out heavily, but working out is encouraged. It is not necessary though for the program to work, it will help you more in the maitienence portion of the program.

If you try it, I hope that this will prove helpful for you!
My whole family did this program with fantastic success, and have been able to make this part of our lifestyle since we met our goals!
Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or if you just want support!! You can be sure I will be back on this system full time to work off the baby weight come August!!
Good luck!


Soapylove said...

Hey Ra! I love Spirutein smoothies, so this would be good for me! I'm really getting soft and not happy about it.

I was wondering what you mixed your smoothie powder with. Milk? Water? Juice? I'm thinking about the calories of milk and juice and they both seem too high.

I'd love to hear!
Thanks for sharing!

beckiem said...

Great info Ra! You and your sister are 'walking billboards'!!!

two of my new favs are the acai/berry blend and the 'green' mix Spirutein --- both blend work great in water only and are really refreshing.

Rachel K. Miller said...

Hey Debbie!
I started with Vanilla Soy Milk, I found some brands that were under 100 calories per serving. Once I could handle a "blend" I would do 1/2 soy milk, 1/2 cold water. At the end, I was able to do 100% Water! I am alergic to milk so that was tough, but I am doing about 3 shakes a week now and mix 1/2 2% milk and 1/2 water with ice for a milkshake ;) YUM! There are so many flavors, but I stick to chocolate...

Soapylove said...

Thanks, Ra! I'm going to try it out. They have so many great flavors which should keep it interesting (at least for a while!).

Now do you have a system that can give me perfect abs without working out? LOL!

Jenna Tunes said...

Hey debbie - I also like using the "low sugar vanilla almond milk". You can find it at Henry's and it is only 40 calories per whole cup. Makes the drink creamy and only 140 total calories for one serving of the shake! love it.

Soapylove said...

Thanks, Jenna! That's a great tip. I love almond milk anyway, and the Spirutien mixes are already sweet enough. Great combo!

A Wedding Story said...

You are very inspiring!!!

Soapylove said...

Today's my first day and I've had 2 smoothies so far. I love that it's one less meal I have to plan, especially with my little kids to worry about. Simple and on my way to a trimmer me! :)

Thanks again, Rachel!

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