Feb 21, 2010


I am ever so thankful to my sister for introducing me to the Medifast weight loss system last year.
It was a God-send, as I was able to shed 40 pounds before my wedding in July. While I alone have always been interested, and unfortunately focused, on weight loss, this was the first major loss I experienced the healthy way. I did the "over the counter" version of drinking 5 shakes a day (courtesy of Spirutein) and one large protien packed meal a day, in addition to moving more. You cannot discount the effect that working out has on this process, it is a MUST or you will continue to plateau. I followed this program for approx. 3 months, losing most of the weight really quickly. The last 10 lbs were the hardest to loose, but I eventually did it, going from 190 to 150 in 4 months. It was all totally worth it- Sitting with my girlfriends at lunch time inside Red Robin watching them down endless baskets of Fries, watching my hubby down pints of ice cream at 10pm multiple times each week,I willingly drank my shake. My wedding dress had to be taken in almost 2 sizes to accomodate the new me by mid-July.
All of this I am thankful for, since now that I am pregnant I am watching the lbs creep back on, but all the while knowing that I have a way and the willpower to whittle back down once the little one is born!
To track my progress, I have been taking early morning photos of my profile so I can remember where I started. I am also excited to show these to my child some day, as I LOVE the one and only belly shot of my own mother at 9 months preggo with me! While taking these photos is always something I wanted to do, I am finding it much harder to actualyl do than I thought it would be. I guess taking pictures of my expanding body is not really that much fun, especially directly after working so hard to get it off! Please excuse the bed head and face ;) I told you these are really right after waking up. There will be more to come, this is just the first trimester...we have 6 more months to go!

First pic= 8 weeks
Second pic= 10 weeks
Third pic= 14 week

19 weeks to come shortly.....

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beckiem said...

we LOVE that Lincoln baby-bump!! You look marhvelus dahlink --- the fact that you're being so purposeful during your pregnancy, thinking about the standard you're setting for your child, now & in the future, is joy to our hearts.
Healthy mama & daddy = healthy baby. Keep up the great work.

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