Feb 14, 2010

Saturday's Marketplace

With my mom in town this weekend, I had to show her our fantastic farmers market in Vista! Since they are only open until 11am, we had to get out of the house fairly early, at least by my standards for a weekend day...We arrived to a packed out parking lot just after 10am to start our hunt for fresh veggies to fill my kitchen. I would say fruit too, but I have found the fruit to be slightly overpriced here, and the selection is usually only seasonal citrus, of which my hubby will not partake unless they are called "cuties".
The FM seemed to have a lot more vendors this week, which I read on their site happens once a month. They open it up to more novelty and craft vendors, which is always fun to shop through. We tried to stay focused on the food, but it was hard with all the sparkles around us. Our favorite booth had a mom and child working on knitting something together, but they had recycled products made into garden ornaments. Think old banister white washed with cut glass plates or tea cups with saucers bolted to the top. Would look really cute in a country garden to catch the light and add interest. They were (3) for $100, which was worth it since the idea seemed easy but we knew we would never really make them ourselves, even with the best of intentions.
We salivated over the enormous cut fruit cups at the Mexican juicing stand, stopped at the Sweet Potato Pie shop to grab a menu (mostly cakes, and the key lime was just the perfect shade of yumminess) marveled at the gentleman selling flavored butters, and giggled at the guy pushing the "slicer-dicer extraordinaire" kitchen helper, "then you grab the cowboy hat attachment..." hehe
After making one full walk around to check out everyones produce, I had made my decisions and with 15 minutes left, rushed my mom around to each vendor I wanted to purchase from. It was hard to choose this week, since everyone's food was in really good shape!

Here is the outcome (photo to come):
2 bushels of Red Beets (10 beets)
1 large head of Celery
1.5 lb bag of Sugar Snap Peas
1.5 lb bag of baby Brussel Sprouts
3 curly Sweet Potatoes
1 large bushel of Carrots (with tops)
1 lb Broccoli
3 bushels of baby Asparagus

All of this for $17.00 even. What a steal!!!
We entertained the idea of splitting a fancy crepe, but opted to head over to my favorite breakfast place in Vista, Curbside Cafe. Had the eggs benny, and mom had bagel with lox n cream- YUM!!

In total, it was a fabulous morning, thanks Mom for joining me this week!!

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beckiem said...

ra... thanks for such a fun couple days -- it was great to go at our own pace and not have a huge agenda. The Farmer's Market was great -- I love how it makes you feel re-connected to the earth/life/fresh things .... and oh yeh, I think I want the slicer/dicer thingy!
Love you!

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