Jan 30, 2010

New Year, New Baby, New Plans

By now, most of you know that I am pregnant with our first child! Exactly four month pregnant to be exact, and we couldn't be more excited. For many years we were not sure we wanted our own family, but life changes you, fast, and after our wedding last summer, we quickly and unknowingly made new life. Our baby will be here right in time for our 1st wedding anniversary in July. This is the first thing I found I will have to juggle as I become a new mom and wife!

Being pregnant has brought out the best and unfortunately, sometimes the worst in me. Lack of sleep due to VIVID dream sequences that continue throughout the nights leave me sleep deprived already (I thought this was suppose to be the time I catch up on sleep!! ;) I will post another time about these crazy dreams, as long as you promise not to try to analyze them. My food cravings leave my husband at a loss for decision making capabilities each night for dinner, and send me to Thrifty Ice cream in the middle of the day. My attitude needs a constant check, as I go from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds, all of this, and I really just want some COFFEEEEEEE! Well, caffeine really. I cut it out the minute I found out we were prego, and since I was the 2 x at Starbucks per day customer, taking in up to 8 shots of espresso in a 12 hour period, it has not been easy, but I am sure they are losing stock value over the next 9 months. 

The biggest change I am experiencing is self imposed- organic eating. After taking on my new job last October, I work with a lot of people who are very environmentally friendly and many are even vegetarians. Not that I am giving up my red meat people, that would be crazy, but I am trying to only buy organic, local, and hormone free foods. In addition, I am trying to read labels on packaged foods to be sure that I am watching my intake of GMO foods (if you can call them foods). The most frustrating part is how much crap is really in our supermarkets, that for years I considered edible, and how much we as consumers are unaware. I am hoping to bring this new life into a healthier home, and have a child that has less food allergies than myself and my extended family has. While I can't say this has been "easy", I find that I have to frequent 3-4 grocery stores to get all that I need at the best prices, but I can say that it has been fun!

My rules are- 
1) only organic fruit and veggies. If I cannot get good finds, I will go local. I am forgiving for any items that I don't eat the rind, like bananas and citrus, but anything from the ground must be pesticide and spray free.
2) hormone free meat or organic meat. This one is tough on the budget, but after a few meals it is hard to go back to the Von's brand steak cause I can taste the injections! Thank goodness for my husband the hunter, we have a stock pile of "free range" deer and elk meat in our freezer.
3) No canned goods, unless they are labeled organic. The PDA's in the linings of most cans are leaching into our foods and can cause infertility! Most everything you can get in a can, you can also get in a glass bottle, then you can reuse the bottle!
4) No boxed food, unless I read the label and can pronounce the ingredients! Fillers and GMO foods are rampant in our boxed foods, they are singlehandedly causing the obesity in our nation.

While this has become my own personal challenge, I encourage you to try it yourself. If you are concerned about your overall health, fighting a disease, or have children, there is really no other option but to start trying. Today I visited the Vista Farmers market today to get my produce, and after spending $15 on organic/local veggies, I am feeling very accomplished. I will probably go once a month, so anyone who wants to join me in February is more than welcome!

I hope to be an encouragement to you, but even more than that, I am happy that I am making this change to my family's future! Check out the below links for weekly coupons that will help every budget. Happy Eating!







Jenna Tunes said...

My favorite announcement of 2010 so far, has been the publication of your pregnancy!
Remember that if you are in Oceanside, Boney's Marketplace (our old stomping grounds) has some great fruits and veggies at good prices too!

KWM said...

ditto J's comments -- We LOVE our Lincoln baby!!
Preach it sister! -- proud of you for protecting yourself & your family -- it's the beginning of changes that you'll continue to make in every area of your lives, for the rest of your lives. Good 'food for thought' too.

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