Dec 19, 2009

Read 'n Grub Book Club: January Book

It was finally my turn to select a book!! With 12 friends in our BC, it took me an entire year to get here, but I made it. 

We had a great finally to our 2009 BC year, meeting up for dinner at BJ's brewery for some great time together that NONE of us had to clean our houses or make food for. We ordered what we wanted, and I heard there was a Christmas themed book selected, but I never got around to buying it. Oh well, there is a reason our rules are as follows:
1) You don't have to read the book
2) You don't have to come every time
3) You don't have to actually cook, but you do have to bring a dish

I have a great group of friends from all walks of life, which makes our discussions very interesting and thought provoking. Last year we read the likes of "Garden Mysteries", "The Shack", "Can you Keep a Secret?", "Chinese Cinderella" and many more. While we only meet every 5 weeks or so, it is always a great time to catch up with everyone. There is always a food theme too, usually revolving around the book. We all love to eat, read and chat!

Needless to say, I had my book selected last summer when I heard that the new Jodi Picoult release was coming out. So, I headed to Barnes and Noble 3 weeks ago to get a head start on my selection and to be sure it would be a good one. (We have read 3 other books by this author and I fell in love with her writing style and topics) However, after reading the synopsis of the new book, and a few others by her, I was a little concerned that I would not be able to get through them! Based on my current situation (more on that later ;) I could not bring myself to buy, no less, read such a dramatic book. Frustrated that I was back at square one, I trolled the book store for from inspiration. In the back of my head, I remembered a trailer I had seen while awaiting Twilight's New Moon. It was very interesting to me at the time, and I knew I would want to see the movie. Since I have a strict "book before movie" rule, I decided to switch my selection to be this book, and quickly ran to the locator computer to find this gem.

I am currently 1/3 through "THE LOVELY BONES" and cannot seem to put it down! It is an amazing story of a murdered girl who helps her family find her killer. While it seems dark and desolate, written from the young girls perspective, it is uplifting and hopeful!
Pick up a copy yourself and read along! 

We are still looking for a food theme, and while it might seem gory, what about things with bones, like, chicken wings ??? ;) 

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