Aug 23, 2009

Summer Lovin', Had me a blast

here are some of the best pictures from our wedding!!
thanks cuzin Melody, and mom-miller, Jenna, Sherri, Alyson and Jim for being my photographers!
Thanks Flickr for my wedding album ;)

Pix of me and the hubby-wow, we clean up nice!

Pix of the reception- thanks Mom and all who made this place beautiful!

Pix of the ceremony- thanks again Mom and all who made this place even more pretty than it was...

Pix from before the ceremony- just a few shots as I walked out to meet my future husband!

Pix of the families- I must admit, I ran out of my monthly allotment of space while finishing this section, so check back after the first for more here!

And you can check out Jim Staffer's pics from the reception here too! 

1 comment:

Jenna Tunes said...

I finally checked out all your photos that you posted. That was so much fun and there are some really great ones of you and T after the ceremony. You looked so amazing! I may need to get the digital file of a few of those! So great.

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