Aug 16, 2009

My, it's been a while...

So, I realized today that it's been way too long. (why today? just wait once, we'll get to that in a second) 
Way too long for me not to have finished writing and mailing my thank you cards from our wedding. Way too long since I had posted on my blog! Way too long to not have a on-line wedding album that everyone can see. 
Notice that there has not been even mention about an engagement here, let along a wedding!? And all of that has come and gone in just a few short months...I guess that is my only excuse as to why I have  been MIA. Planning a wedding over the phone during my carpooling-commute and fitting it in to my crazy life-packed weekends was all I could handle. Finding Facebook in the interim didn't help at all....I am a total junkie ;)
I am determined to get all my thank you's out by the end of this week. I know I can do it, only 30 or so to finish the on-line wedding album.

I'll post a link to the flicker album once it is done!!

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