Feb 1, 2009


Today we welcome CASH HENDRICKS PAGE into our world. 
Born at 1:49am on January 31, 2009
to Alyson and Eric Page (Trevor's sister and her hubby) 
at 8lbs, 2ozs, 29inches.
A perfect little baby boy who reflects his Japanese roots, just like his daddy! Alyson keeps joking that she is waiting for the real mom to come get him, since he looks nothing like her ;)

Such a sweetie, I will upload a picture once I get them from G-Ma  LJ.  Trevor and I visited mom and baby in the hospital yesterday. GrandMa LJ was there with Alyson. We hung out for a few hours, enjoyed some good stories and famous 3-cheese Bronx pizza from across the street. Much better than hospital food....

Cash was due on the 26th, but Alyson's body was not cooperating. So, Friday nite around 9pm the Dr. started to induce labor. Come Saturday at 5, she was still not moving, but soon enough, baby was ready and was born just before 2am! 

We are so blessed to have this new little nephew in our lives!
Congrats Alyson and Eric!


Jenna Tunes said...

Oh wow! He is so adorable. I love him already. Definitely asian roots.
29 inches? I don't know about that...probably 19 or 21 huh? I know Allison is tall, but...hee hee.
Babies are just fun, and Cash has Sam's middle name (well, almost just drop the 's'), so he's totally "money", if you know what i mean. Yikes, i need to stop.
Congrats on being an auntie for the second time!

beckiem said...

Love that little boy already! Congrats to all! (I saw Trevor!!!!! at first glance)

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