Oct 25, 2008

On-line update

My ebay test item was sold after a 7 day auction!
I had 17 a total of views on my item, but only one bid...All it takes is one!
Since this was my test item I was less concerned about making cash and rather to learn the process and get my feet wet so to speak...
Anyways, I shipped out the item today to the buyer in Wisconsin! She got a great jacket for $0.99 ;)
Thanks to everyone who tried to check out my listing! It will be a while 'til I can list anything more since we are packing up to move to Oceanside. Between that and the new job, it is just too much to track. Either way, I am going to try to find a better way to list a link to my future auctions, since it seems hard to find me in the mass of sellers out there.

I will post again when there is more to buy and try to get it up in time for Christmas!


samtunes said...

Good stuff. :)


Ra - this is so great. You're right about all it takes is one. I couldn't find your link last time (like you noted), but maybe next time. Christmas time is a very good time to aim for.

{The Christian's} said...

Hi Rachel,

I found your site through Tamar. I was just reading about your ebay listings..how fun!!

I run a site for moms, babies, and children and thought I could reference your site once you get it up and running. Let me know if you are interested. :)

It has been ages since we have talked. Sounds like you are doing great! Take care and hopefully we will talk soon.

Karyn C. (McLeskey)

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