Oct 27, 2008

Curiel's Annual Halloween Party

The annual Curiel Family Halloween Party was a huge hit this year!!
It is the one time each year when all aspects of my life come together at one gathering.  It is my friend Yvonne's family who hosts the party, so all my friends are there.  And since I have worked with Yvonne at many places a lot of my co-workers end up being there, and lastly, since Yvonne's mother is my nephew's nanny, my sister and hubby were there too!
This party has a 10 year track record... And You can always count on the "Taco Guys" to be there serving up the yummiest Mexicalli-style street tacos. They even had "cabeza" for the adventurous trick or treater's!
Ok, we all tried it and it was soooo good as long as you didn't think about what it was...;) 
When in Rome, I guess!

The Curiel sisters outdid themselves with the decor, it reminded me of the days at the skating rink when mom and dad put together that crazy haunted house! They had bowls of eye balls at the bar, and scores of bloody murder scenes around the perimeter!  Rafael (Yvonne's hubby) did a great job as DJ, all the little kids were on the dance floor!

You can see that costumes are mandatory. Jenna was crafty this year and hand-made the family caveman costumes. I'd like to say Trevor and I slaved for days putting ours together, but really we had almost everything, so I guess it was not too much of a costume ;) 
And although the men detest, we all look forward to it every year, and start planning our next year's costumes the very next day! 
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell? hmmmmm......

Thanks Yvonne for a great evening!


beckiem said...

WHAT!!!!! no pics? you must be slippin'?

I saw some on your sista's blog -- that'll do.

beckiem said...

I take it back!!! Looks like everyone had a FUN time! You guys sure know how to party ....


Um...when you say you had almost everything for your trailer trash costumes, it is kind of incriminating isn't it?....just a thought.
You guys looks so great!

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