Jul 5, 2008

Stars and Stripes Forever!

(LtoR: Eric, Alyson, Dale, Mary, Me, Trevor & Max at the bottom)

Fourth of July always makes me think of that yummy sponge cake dessert that is decorated with cool whip frosting and rows of halved strawberries and blue berries made to resemble our beautiful flag! Mom used to make it every 4th, so much that it has became a staple in my mind, It has been a few years since I have seen this show up at any of the celebrations we have attended, but we did get a "pistachio surprise" cake yesterday! MMM, I love this old skool cake. Looks a little scary, since Jello brands decided many years ago that a hint of flourecent green added just the right tone to their pistachio pudding. No matter what shade of green it is, it's just good.
Most years you can find us up at San Elijo with Trevor's immediate and extended family. San Elijo is a large RV and Camping site on the small cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the coast of Cardiff by the Sea, a sleepy beach town in SD. There are limited sites, so the clan reserves theirs every year in advance. This year, since all us "kids" are getting old enough to have our own families, we had 6 different sites occupied for the week. Trevor and I usually go up just for the holiday. It is fun catching up with everyone, some people we only see on the fourth each year so it is great to hear what has happened over the year with all of them. Grandchildren, moving, travels, I love to hear about it all! Trevor used his sisters surfboard and just like old times, I watched as he effortlessly got up again and again, brilliantly riding each wave in as far as he could. He was easy to spot, since he is always a head above everyone else out on the water, and his sis's board is HOT pink. Can't miss him! I love that he could care less about the pink board, just wants to be in the water!
After a few too many Canadian Mist/Frescas, we dined on hot dogs and brats, with homemade 'kraut and tons of little side salads that were awesome!
Just before eating, I got the elders of the LJ (Lincoln-Johnson) family together to begrudgingly take this shot with me!
The younger two were (as usual) no where to be found...but Max was willing to join us!!
(max is Mary and Dale's Staffie, Pig-e's nephew)

I absolutely love these type of holidays where the objective is to hang-out, have a cocktail, and catch up with old friends!
We finished our evening with Trevor and I sitting quitely in the back cul-de-sac with the doggies, watching the beautiful fireworks from Lake Murray light up our sky!

Thank you to all in our country who have fought for all of this (and more) to be possible!

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