Jul 19, 2008


  August, 1999

July 18th Trevor and I celebrated our Ninth Anniversary! 
I can hardly believe that we have been together that long already! I can still remember taking this picture with Trevor in late August of '99. We were such babies!  Our young love starting to blossom... Now, nine years later, we still infinitely love each other and (thank God), still really like each other. 
Planning ahead, we both had Friday off work which is unusual for both of us. So we wanted to be sure we took advantage of it. We packed up the doggies in the TB, and headed down to Fiesta Island for some sand and sun. First we grabbed a sandwich- they're huge so we always share one- and some italian mac salad from BHM (local Italian deli, YUM!), a few sodas & chips from 7-11 and sooner than later we were cruising down the 8 West! The dogs had a blast playing frisbee in the water, Heffe even learned to swim! It was hilarious... Pig-e ran around the entire time like she was Four years old again, she was unstoppable; Heffe tried to jump out of the car right as we were leaving, he did not want to leave. They wore themselves out playing hard, and needless to say, they were asleep within 3 minutes of the car starting.
Once we got home, we gave the sandy dogs a bath and cleaned up ourselves too. Then we continued our celebration low key, which is exactly what we both needed. (This last month has been almost overwhelming with all the social events, and work being pumped up a notch. It has been a good month, but just really busy!) So, we ordered from our favorite Chinese restaurant, and enjoyed a quiet evening at home over sweet and pungent shrimp and mongolian beef with brown rice and a little hot and sour soup. Oh ya, and my fave- paper wrapped chicken on the side. 
We completed our celebration with breakfast this morning at Lake Murray Cafe. Our first time, and the coffee was great. They have to have good coffee. It is the mark of a good restaurant.

Thank you Trevor for making the last 9 years amazing.

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beckiem said...

We celebrate with you Ra & Trev!
So glad you had the day to yourselves -- much needed -- and we know being by the ocean just fills the spirit.
We love you guys -- thanks for spending time with us last weekend.
mom & dad

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