Jun 9, 2008

can you hear that???

I didn't think so! Can someone pleeeeaaaaase tell me how to add music to my blog. I have already spent an obnoxious amount of time on this and cannot seem to get it right. 

HELP! I need somebody, not just anybody, please-please, help me! 

..man, I can almost hear it now...


Kell & Nick said...

Hi Rachel,

Long time no see! I found your block in a round about way...don't even remember I think through my sisters, to Beth's saw your parents photos got to your mom's blog and then found yours!!!
There is a blog out there that shows you how to do it I will find it and email it to you!!!
I hope you are doing great!!!
Here are a few of my blogs!!
I love blogging! Can you tell!


Rachel K. Miller said...

HI Kelly!
Great to hear from you! I am already enjoying your blogs ;)

I found the help site for this issue, but I think it is in chinese cuz I still don't get it...I have enlisted the help of my tech-y BIL (brother in law) to solve this one. Sam, let me know what you come up with...

beckiem said...

luv the muzak!
I want one of those Hawaii pics!!!
Too cute u two!

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