May 3, 2008

Just A thot...

We always joke in our book club that if you can't finish the book in time, you have to at least read the last chapter first.

Well, I wish buying a house was like our book club, because the suspense is killing me!

BTW: I put an offer in on a new place on Friday, as always, keep you posted!


Jenna Tunes said...

The right one will come, my dahling.
Keep on putting it out there! You deserve the best...
And I'm still waiting on my book club update!

beckiem said...

The suspense is killing me!!!!
I know, I know...... (how do you think you feel?)
Like pastor Dave said this weekend, "God's timing is never on our schedule --- He seems to be always WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY later than what we want!!!"
Our prayer is that when you do get a house that it be the best thing for you!

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