May 29, 2008


Did you know that in some religions, dogs are considered pure evil???
I can't imagine when I look at this face!!

We celebrated Heffe's 1st birthday on Tuesday, May 27th!
You might know that I absolutely love celebrating birthdays, and dog birthdays (?), well, who more to appreciate all your special little efforts than a dog.

I picked up the duds at the Encinitas street fair back when Mom & Dad were visiting in April. There were so many doggie outfit booths that it was hard to even think straight. This caught my eye on the outside of a stand and it was only $5! Made me holla! It even came with a little felt stuffed present that clipped onto the leash, but I tried it for about two seconds and he got it off and was about to rip it to shreds so that was a no, but the rest was a go! (Check out moms blog for more on the Encinitas street fair day)

I have a great recipe for Doggie cupcakes, iced with blended cottage cheese! They go nuts over them. This was Heffe's first birthday and first real sweet-y treat. Heffe sat long enough to get the cupcake off the roof of his mouth, and then he was off.....and so was the hat! The bandana stayed put, although I definately preferred the hat look better. Pig-e was more than happy to join in the celebration as well, as long as it meant no party hat and lots of cupcakes! As the oldest, she is always allowed to stay up later, be a little louder, and of course, eat more cupcakes!!!!! ;P

We had a blast watching them go crazy. And while they get little treats in their dinner at night, they will only have their dreams about cupcakes until Pig-e's b-day in September....


Jenna Tunes said...

So, since you are the older sister, does that mean you were always got more sweets than me? Hmmm.
Your baby is all grown up now! Some competition for Leo.

beckiem said...

Love the hat, love the bandana, love the pur.... what once, no purse, just a man-bag!!!!! hehe
Thanks for sharing the birthday doin's! He looks fabulous dahling!
btw... your blog does NOT allow anonymous comments....

Anonymous said...

absolutely loved Heffe in the hat!! He look so handsome!Piggy is just

Love the web site Rachel. I think i need to have Rafaek and you teach me how to do one
love Yvonne

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