May 24, 2008


Well, we have finally reached the status of Fabulousity here in SD! Thursday, May 22nd was the grand opening of the first H&M (thats HAA & MMM to you euros!) in San Diego. I have been waiting years for this day, really, it's kinda sick. And, crazy enough, it's it the Otay Ranch Plaza in Chula Vista.

I admit it, I am a cheap fashion lover...$5 stores, Anna's Closet's, the "Splendids" and "Excitements" of the malls, etc, etc, etc I love them all! With the fast pace of trends, and due to the fact that being in the industry I really do know how much clothes cost to make, I shop for the no name, wear me twice and toss me, spend less than dinner on me, clothes.
Jenna and I had to schedule a girls day to celebrate this event. SO, we caught up with my real estate agent/friend, Irasema, on Friday, grabbed some fuel at CPK (Tandoori chicken pizza a must try!) and headed over to see what was left on the racks. It was raining, so we had to double time it. Side bar- if you don't live in SD you might not know, but you will be hard pressed to find a mall within 2 hours of the border that has a roof, we like to bask in our sunshine, I guess. But, in the name of fashion, we feared the forewarned rain storm and made it inside the vast paradise!
Irasema (realestate agent) brought her two "assistants", Jeffrey-age 8, Jett-6 months, so we carefully manuvered the stroller through the packed racks, Jenna and I managing our warming Starbucks..and we were still able to find a few things each that were a must try.
After waiting about 1/2 hour in the fitting room line, we got in and out within 5 minutes. Made we wonder why we had waited so long to get in in the first place....We found a hidden register and checked out in record speed! Which was good, because rainy weather and long lines with loud music made you tired. Ooooh, I hate it when I sound old.

Anyways, I can only hope you can be blessed enough to live close to an H&M. Watch their site for the celebrity fashion additions (They did it before Target). We can't even talk about the Victor&Rolf tux for $100!
Have fun shopping!


beckiem said...

Now I know what you've been doing all this rainy weekend!! FUNFUNFUN...... I'd like to say wish I coulda been there, but NOT REALLY! Only to be with you girls. Who needs New York now!?!

Jenna Tunes said...

Girl's day out was so fun, and long overdue!
It's funny. There's an H & M about 4 miles from my work, but for some reason it was so much more fun planning the day to go to SD to check it out with you girls!
Loved the dresses, loved the shirts, loved everything, love to go again!

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