Apr 19, 2008

Read & Grub Book Club

Ask any one of us and we will tell you that it is really more about the food than the book, but whatever you come for, you can guarantee a good time. This month we are reading Jodi Picoult's newest book Change of Heart. We normally meet on Sunday mornings, but this time we are meeting on a Saturday to see if that works better. It is not mandatory to show up each time nor it is mandatory to read the book, but it is mandatory to bring a dish! As usual, we are having a breakfast potluck, but there has been no theme announced as of yet. If anything I was thinking we should do a "last supper" theme since we usually base our food themes on the books, but on second though I realized that it might be too morbid, so it was  not suggested. And so, no theme, just brunch. Fruit salad? Travels well...
Here is the book synopsis: A decade after being convicted of the murder of young Elizbeth Nealon and her cop stepfather, a death row inmate seeks salvation by offering to become an organ donor of Elizabeth's sister.
I was reading the book, which I had picked up in hard cover, but after two weeks of diligent reading I was only on page 50 (it is just over 400 pgs!). Needless to say, I was struggling through this one. But I liked the premise and wanted to read it, so after my friend had picked it up on CD for a road trip, I borrowed the discs to see if listening would be any better. Lo and behold, the story seemed to come to life and I began to think about it constantly! Taking the book to work with me to try to get in a chapter or two at lunch...I am about 3/4 of the way through and the suspense is killing me! I am hoping that more people will read this one as the discussion will more than likely be very colorful!
You can borrow my copy when we are done if you want!

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beckiem said...

I'm so glad that you have something to fill up your commute time --- good books are the best!
If I lived close I could join too! (I'm really just interested in the grub part!!!)

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