Mar 2, 2008

Reptile House

Lest you think our life has gone to the dogs, we are also a rescue house for lost& found repiles. Well, kind of... While I did insist Trevor "donate" the beautiful rare-colored field snake he found last summer at Otay Lake, we did adopt the Iguana we found in early Fall of 2006.
We were still moving our boxes into the Condo in Serra Mesa, September 06, one late afternoon. On a trip back out to the car, I spotted a large lizard in the ivy patch. Loudly, I called for Trevor to "grab that big-ass Lizard!" To which he exclaimed, almost in disbelief, "that's not a lizard, that is an Iguana!".  I posted signs everywhere I could think of hoping someone would call me to reclaim their runaway pet, but after 6 weeks of no response, I decided it was only fair that we take her under our care. 
We researched for days, thank GOD for the internet, or we would have easily killed her unknowingly! Found out habitat info, feeding info, bathing info. My goodness, this reptile is a lot of work, but we just couldn't turn her back out into the wild. That was for sure. She had a badly broken front arm and was obviously not eating well. Trevor's physical therapy clinic healed her leg to perfect working condition, and our salad bar diet (mixed with dog food, at her preference!) has made her a beautiful specimen.
So, almost 3 years later, we have a mature Iguana who is we think about 4 years old, aptly named Liz, that is free roaming in our house. Although, she rarely leaves her comfort zone of the curtain rod. Check out more pictures of her on Flickr.

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Jenna Tunes said...

First, I had to deal with Mr. Greensleeves (the pet iguana in my 3rd grade class with Ms. Boroff), and now Liz at Trev and Rara's house. What's next?!

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