Mar 11, 2008

Mi Casa es Su Casa

So, Yesterday I got a phone call (well, actually a text) from my agent with some Good News and Bad News. The good news was, the Seller accepted my offer!!! The bad news was, the Seller accepted my offer!!! I am so close to owning my first house, I can almost smell the new paint ;)
After 6 months of spending every Friday night knee deep in house specs, Saturdays driving the 78, and Sundays at Starbucks reading legal-ese, this process might finally come to an end. Tonight I signed a counter offer, so cross your fingers. If accepted, I start a whirl-wind tour of paperwork to literally "close the deal" and I will have my keys by mid-April.
While the process has been both exciting and frustrating, I will be happy to spend my weekends in my backyard gardening or playing with the pups!
Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Soapylove said...

Wow wow!! Big congrats! I know it's super stressful, but soon you'll be cruising Ikea buying area rugs! LOL

Soapylove said...

This is perfect! Now I know where to find you if you keep ignoring my emails!! ;)

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