Mar 15, 2008

ah, you wan try my sushi?

I have been wanting to make these for a really long time, but never could never really find the right event to bring them to. Well, I figured the next office potluck would be the perfect place, since we have a pretty creative atmosphere there. I kinda remembered a "recipe" from a sushi cookbook from a few years back, and made the rest up. So I made them Thursday night while trying to watch LOST (I will have to catch up this week on the sites...) and I think they turned out great! Friday we had our fiesta, and they were a hit!
rice crispy treat base
swedish fish
yellow fruit roll up strip

california roll-
green fruit roll up
cream filled twinkie
dried fruit peices


beckiem said...

SOOOOOOOOO cute they are!
love your blog!

Tamar Schrater said...

Oh, YUM! You'd think with me being Japonais and all that I'd love sushi. but I don't. I like it, but only as long as it's all cooked, nothing raw or "seared". So sweet "sushi" is right up my alley!

Rick and Karen Frank said...

You made them look so cute...can't wait to try it! Enjoying your blog! Karen (SWEARINGEN) Frank

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